Makeup revolution emily edit swatches

27 May

Makeup Revolution x the Emily Edit Collection Available Now

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Swatches of Makeup Revolution X EmilyNoel83 The Wants Palette : MakeupAddiction

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

Emily has collaborated to create two different palettes, The Needs which is a face palette, and The Wants, which is a 24-shade eyeshadow palette. Learn more about Honey and the entire family that is featured here on the blog. You can amp up the mattes and satins by building the color or by using the shimmers wet. You can create countless looks and endless creativity. A large mirror the size of the palette makes this ideal for any makeup lover. For this look I decided to bring the shadow out further than normal, to give a more elongated look. We encourage people to report so we can deal with it.

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit The Wants Palette

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

In researching where to buy the palette I ran across your post and discussion on reddit about mold. This is one solid palette and definitely worth the coin. I was impressed by this one as well. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I really trust her opinion and although I have been tempted by many collaborations in the past, this is the first that I knew I just had to get. They should have had a formal response out by now.

Aquaheart: Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit The Wants Eyeshadow Palette

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

However, after playing with this palette for a bit and actually applying the shadows to my lids, some of the shades really wow'ed me! This product is limited edition. At least, this was my experience. Otherwise, you can contact Makeup Revolution customer service, who has apparently been quick to mail out replacements. She has a real life that she neither exploits nor flaunts. At first swatch almost nothing came off and when I tried to blend and build the color up it just got streaky and chunky. With that said, the majority of people say their palettes have been perfectly fine, both shipped directly from the brand and Ulta Beauty.


makeup revolution emily edit swatches

The palette casing is sturdy and beautiful, offering it a lux look with great names. I have been using this daily for 2 weeks and have yet to scratch the surface on all the possible look combinations. Anyhow, back to The Wants palette. Purple mattes are notoriously patchy so I was surprised by how smoothly Family applied. Mother of 3 and proud Wife. Let us know in the comments below! Mother of 3 and proud Wife.

Mold Found in Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit The Wants Eyeshadow Palette

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

Upon opening the palette I could hear the angels sing, I just knew it would be good and something that was worth dedicating a review to here on my blog. The weakest shade for me is Laughcry, Its really hard to build up. The box and the palette itself has a beautiful baby pink and rose gold theme to it which I find really cute and pretty. Sweet lady, no drama, no bs, no nonsense. Where to buy You may also enjoy. The Wants is such a though-out palette, that has had every shades I need.

Palette Bingo!

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

What has been your favourite collaboration from Revolution so far? I personally would not take a palette of this size with me when I travel since it doesn't fit into any of my makeup bags, and I like to keep all my makeup together when I pack. Many of these colors are applied to my skin in one swipe, so bare in mind that they can be built up to obtain a darker and richer shade. Passion is such a gorgeous color. I am looking forward to getting both palettes! It would be great for someone with light to medium skin that travels a lot. Just an every day girl woman. Author Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. She basically cried tears of absolute joy while describing the whole process that she went through.

RevolutionxEmily, The Emily Edit Palettes

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

These shadows are buildable and to achieve what you see on my lid swatches below, you will have to build them up, but this allows for much greater control on the depth you want. I like it because the colours are quite different, but also versatile. I love this has everything you need in one place, all the mattes, satin and shimmer — no juggling 3 palettes. I love making YouTube videos and meeting new friends and I have had a passion and love for photography since I was a little girl. I have watched her since she was a newscaster and shared her excitement, when she announced her pregnancy with Belle and later Violet. The second palette, The Needs, is your everyday eye colours. Perfect for quick eye looks.

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

For its price, I would definitely get it for the 90% of the shadows that have wow'ed me. This did disappoint me because I expected more pigment in these. I could kick myself for passing on this one! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this palette. Dark and Early, is a really impressive pigmented black, a shade that can be hard to get right. In this palette you get 13 mattes, 4 satin and 7 shimmer shades. I do wish that they had done the layout a little differently though. Perfect for the start of Fall right? The Wants Palette When Youtube sweetheart brought out a collaboration with it was in my shopping basket, before I had even finished watching the announcement video.

Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit The Wants Eyeshadow Palette

makeup revolution emily edit swatches

This gorgeous piece features 24 colors in a combination of matte, satin and shimmer shades. Right on top of what would have been my favorite shade: Love Tons was a small green spongey looking dot. Top Story is such a stunning gold, that just seems to pair so well with multiple colours in this palette. I am with you thinking it must be in that shadow or some ingredient in it! The Cream is exactly what its name suggests. Or is she another YouTuber? I am so tired of seeing the same flashy, fake YouTubers get most of the collab opportunities. Created and crafted with content creator Emily Noel, aka Beauty Broadcast, The Revolution x The Emily Edit - The Wants Eyeshadow Palette features 24 matte, satin and shimmer shades.

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